Pool World Tour


Pool World Tour / Description

Pool World Tour.

Welcome to Pool World Tour, a game for novices and pros who are crazy about pool! Here you can find various game modes, challenging missions, many live opponents and even new good friends! ))

Do you love pool trick-shots? We have loads of them for you to try!

· A lot of creative tasks you can solve your own way.
· Full range of difficulties.
· Good for training to improve your pool skills.
· No need for an internet connection. You can complete them even when offline.

As you increase your pool skills you unlock incredible opportunities in game.

· Access to more exclusive match locations, where you play against only the best Pool players.
· Unlock more powerful cues, cute balls and attractive tables, then show off to your friends and opponents.
· Get new missions and game levels. Can you win them all?

· Invite your friends for a quick match.
· Win big against progressively tougher opponents from all over the planet.
· If you want a bigger challenge, enter a tournament and play seven other players for the trophy. (under construction)

Join millions of players now — hit the install button and play the most greatest pool game ever created!
Pool World Tour – world class challenge!

By the way, did you know that game of pool is called கோல்மேசை in Āngkilam, पूल खेल in Angreji, kulečník in Czech, 8 ball pool in English, billar americano in Español , billard américain in French, billard in French, μπιλιάρδο in Greek, पूल गेंद in Hindi, billiárd in Hungarian, 台球 in Chinese, ビリヤード in Japanese, pūla in Marathi, sinuca in Portuguese, biliard in Romanian, gulečník in Slovak, бильярд in Russian, більярд in Ukrainian, billar in Spanish, billares in Spanish, billar in Spanish, bilyar in Tagalog, or கோல்மேசை in Tamil?
Well, now you do 🙂



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