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★NBA Flip★, from the creator of NBA General Manager, an unbelievable real basketball strategy game with OFFICIAL license from NBA 2017 now comes for FREE! A new turn-based strategy game will give you the chance of choosing your favorite gang of real basketball players like Lebron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, etc from high-ranked teams such as Cleveland Cavaliers, Golden State Warriors, Chicago Bulls, Los Angeles Lakers, Boston Celtics, and so on. Go experience yourself in such a tactical basketball strategy card game for the new nba 2017 league!

Align your roster, shoot to the net, make slam drunks, WIN BIG GAME! Beat your opponents and conquer the NBA tournament! ALL in ★NBA Flip★!


Encounter with other gutsy and outsmarting opponents, ★NBA Flip★ engages you in an addicted nba 2017 league game that differs from other NBA games in sport category by a flipping-card battle. Team up, stay focused and stake your claim to be the king of real basketball with the best players!

The BEST basketball players like Lebron James, James Harden, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Wade, etc. as well as 300 other NBA superstars, including the most famous NBA legends are waiting for you by unlocking to high-ranked matches!


Defeat opponents and win out by making use of a set of skill points-for offense and defense in each card. To get big win:
• align your roster
• go with unique strategy
• throw down the cards
• flip your opponents
• beat by forceful slam drunk and WIN BIG GAME!

Through this turn-based basketball strategy game, you can line up and manage your dream gang of real basketball, create strategic move and FLIP to get BIG WIN! The more flips you make, the higher the chances you can win, conquer the championship and be a NBA star. You have to even out your roster to play with a balanced line-up. That way you’ll have a higher chance of using your best cards.

Play live games against thousands of users in League or Tournament mode, all or nothing, and unlock high-ranked matches by the gutsy tactics and the most unbelievable skills against other NBA teams. Beating your opponents by unique strategy in such a live basketball strategy game, ★NBA Flip★ will give you fantastic feelings to reach your dream squad. Cross-over, make slam drunks with best basketball squad among the best USA teams and become the king of NBA!

Enjoy this NBA card game now for FREE! A real basketball card game with more than 2k positive reviews in 2016 and get new updates! Unlock best players in secret packs and GAIN them!

★NBA Flip★ is a NBA basketball strategy game in which you can make a hit through managing all the best players from the best USA teams just by some moves. Win packs and coins, move and get this fantasy game! Align your best players, flip the cards, and make a slam drunk to be the master of a strategic basketball card game. Get ★NBA Flip★ for FREE!

Download ★NBA Flip★ now for FREE!

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